The significance of something so simple

We strive to be kingdom builders. We start by building a physical church and that's the beginning not the end of our work. We build relationships with the families in each congregation we serve. We support them as they build ministries to reach their community with the good news of Jesus. We come alongside the pastor and convention leaders to build disciples in each local congregation. We provide the resources so these congregations can build hope in the marginalized and hurting in their community by meeting physical needs. And in time, this new Gospel Station builds God's Kingdom. The new building is the beginning of the story, not the end.

What We Do

CMU is a ministry that exists to connect the local church in America with the local church in Brazil. We are blessed to assist the mission efforts of several Brazilian Baptist conventions by giving the gift of a building to an existing church that has requested our help.

CMU raises the funds needed for a simple structure and gives this “gift” to the church. We then send a team of volunteers to assist when the congregation is ready to complete its structure. This is a gift that CMU does not monitor or maintain, it is completely theirs.

Some people wonder is having a church building really important? In the Brazilian culture the answer is yes. It is critical that they have something of their own. When a church is meeting in vacant garage or renting a storefront, not only is it expensive but to the community they are trying reach, they have no validity, no credibility. When the church has a building, the community believes they are “here to stay”. Plus they aren't paying rent and don't have building debt so they can begin to support their pastor and expand their ministry to the community.

We are also intentional about engaging, loving and serving the pastor, his congregation and the people of the community. The trips are about helping these churches and their pastors better serve after the mission team is gone. We give ordinary people an extraordinary opportunity to serve others and be a part of something, which will continue to expand God’s kingdom long after the team has returned home.


Our prayer is that we do more than simply lay bricks, we want to build into the lives of people! We want to build into the life of an existing congregation through giving them something tangible which they can not afford. Something which for them is an answer to their prayers.

We want to give hope and encouragement by showing up and getting off the bus. Not only for the physical exchange of a tangible gift but the spiritual exchange that happens only when you love, encourage and affirm others face to face.

Over the last four decades The Lord has shown just how impactful showing up is. Because we are pouring into an existing local church, a living breathing body that will continue to reach, teach and make disciples, long after we have gone home.

Our work is also life changing for those who go and those who help send. And while we are investing in the local church in Brasil we are also cultivating growth in our own local churches here in America.

Learn More

We'd love to connect with you and let you learn more about serving in Brazil. Take a moment and let us know how we can help and one of our team will be in touch shortly.

~ Obrigado